Norma McKinney - MS, MAED
Norma McKinney, MS, MAED | Behavior Specialist & Parent Coach

One day you joined the parenting club. You brought this beautiful child home with dreams of playdates, father-son fishing trips, mommy-daughter shopping dates and all the memory magic movies are made of, right?

Instead, what you now have are power struggles over dinner and chores, meltdowns in public, increasing agitation and aggression, and a string of phrases on repeat that your child doesn’t seem to hear.

I’m willing to guess you have some strained relationships due to trying to explain that ADHD is more than not sitting still and being “hardheaded”. Whether it is your significant other, your parents or your best friend, people just don’t seem to understand the struggles your child is experiencing. I’m also betting you’ve experienced some level of parental guilt about your conflicting feelings and stress level.

You love your child, and you really want to like them again.  You want to enjoy parenting again. You don’t have to say it to anyone, not even me.

For children with ADHD, it’s not a matter of wanting to do better, it’s a matter of learning how to manage all those big emotions and learning what to do.  Behavior therapy focuses on teaching specific skills that children and adolescents can use immediately to begin making their lives better.

I founded B.E.S.T. to help children improve anger management and social skills, improve executive functioning, and help parents support them.  The child you love is still there.  You can and will enjoy parenting again with the right tools and support. Schedule an assessment today.


Master of Arts in Education Specializing in Special Education・ Master of Science in Criminal Justice Specializing in Correctional Counseling Bachelor of Social Work Wrights Law trained in Special Education Advocacy ・Member- Council for Exceptional Children