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● Your child has an IEP but you’ve seen little to no progress​

● You have tried getting help from the school with no success​

● Your child cannot seem to remember chores, homework or anything that is not attached to a video game​

● Your social relationships are strained because of your child’s behaviors​

● You’ve taken so many privileges away from your child you feel like you’re the one on punishment

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Trusted By

T. DavisClient

“Reaching out to Norma about the situation dealing with my son was very helpful. Having the experience and knowledge about ADHD really helped us get back on track with our son. Especially seeing things change for the good!”

T. KingProfessional Counselor and Colleague

“Norma has mastered integrating the science of behavior management with the compassion and skills of a caring parent. Norma has great skill in implementing behavior strategies and skills that lead to building confidence in children who are often underestimated in their abilities to contribute in valuable ways. She is an advocate for children with disabilities and their families, her dedication is truly remarkable.” 

L. BurnsClient

"Working with Norma was a nothing short of a Godsend; a blessing, after 4 years of struggling trying to get my daughter an IEP with 2 different school districts my daughter was able to receive her IEP eligibility and I can truly say without the guidance and detailed assistance that Norma provided we may not have received this victory. During the entire process Ms. McKinney explained everything in detail, in terms I understood and provide me reassurance that she was there to support us both on this rough road until she was deemed eligible after being denied eligibility 3 times before."

D. JacksonClient

“I came to you with my concerns about this child now in my care. Only ever being an auntie being a step-in mom was a stretch. You walked me through his IEP... you helped me to understand it like I was a fourth-grader which made it easier when I went to school the following week. With my new understanding of the IEP, I was armed to help my child so I proceeded to set up a meeting with his counselors. Long story short he was taking classes out of his range that were causing him to fail. They put him in his right classes, and he graduated on time with a C average. If I did not have your help, I would not understand the IEP. It turned out he was not failing he was frail and in need of help."

How Can I Be of Service ?

Behavior Therapy

Social skills, time management, anger management, and awareness don't come easily to our babies with ADHD. Using specially designed resources I will work with your child to develop these very important skills.

Parent Coaching

Parenting a child with ADHD and other diagnoses that impact behavior takes support. We’ll build on the skills you have, help you learn new strategies, and implement systems that reduce meltdowns, power struggles, and communication breakdowns.

Educational Support

Getting the right support is crucial to your child's academic success.  I'll help you develop a learning plan the compliments and enhances the skills that are being developed at school, based on your child's strengths and needs for growth.

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